Our Philosophy

All of us at Riding Forward are very passionate about wheeled sports and realize that times are changing. Everyday more and more youth gain interest in cycling or a number of sports other than the standard team sports they were introduced to in school. We want to harness that interest and teach them the life skills they will need to succeed in life, on and off the bike.

Meet the Board

Every good organization is only as strong as the foundation beneath them.

Meet the team that makes Riding Forward fire on all cylinders.


Dave Huff

Founder & Executive Director

Dave has been involved in wheeled sports from an early age and has a true passion for connecting folks to the outdoors.  Whether he's building bike trails, teaching a child how to ride their bike or figuring out how to build a stronger community with his talents, one thing's for sure, it will be done to the best of his ability.


Trevor Gay


Born and raised in the heart of Ohio, Trevor Gay fell in love with two wheels from the age of 3. Trevor started his career in a small town bike shop at age 13 and moved on to DK Bicycles for the past 14 years to present as the Marketing & Team manger. Trevor enjoys riding all types of bicycles and the occasional thrill of motocross. When he's not on two wheels you can find him rescuing animals, shooting photos, or enjoying the outdoors.


Season Huff


Season's years of experience in public accounting with a special emphasis in providing services to non-profit organizations along with working at two large churches have provided her with a unique blend of hands-on non-profit experience and CPA firm work giving her an excellent perspective on both sides of the client/CPA firm relationship. She's volunteered with several nonprofits as a mentor demonstrating positive experiences in life by building relationships and providing encouragement to develop future leaders.


Ben Reece


Out of a need to become more active and physically fit, Ben rekindled his passion for two-wheeled adventure.  He enjoys the excitement of the local mountain bike trails, but favors the endurance aspect of pedaling the open road.    When not working towards his personal fitness goals, Ben is cultivating the next generation of two-wheeled enthusiast through his children.


Steve Wilmhoff

Board Member

Steve has been a cycling enthusiast for many years. He enjoys all forms of cycling but his main interest is touring cycling. He was born and raised in Boone County, KY where he also owned a business for over 35 years. He has been active in numerous youth-focused organizations over the years as a volunteer. He has been a member of the Friends of the CVG Trail, a group that is promoting the expansion of the multi-purpose trail at the CVG Airport, since its inception. Steve is now retired from business and looking forward to embarking on cycling adventures with Donna, his wife of 42 years, on their tandem recumbent as well as being able to spend more time with his 4 children and 5 grandchildren. He is especially excited about collaborating with Riding Forward to promote cycling among the youth of our area.