Our Mission Statement

Our mission at Riding Forward is to advocate, educate and develop today's youth and communities to reach their full potential through partnerships involving two wheeled sports.


Healthy Living and Mentorship

It’s no secret that today’s youth needs to get outside more and the directors at riding forward are here to make that happen. Many of our greatest childhood memories involve some kind of wheeled sport, we want to help create those memories for the next generation. This program utilizes our mentors to teach youth the life skills they need to be successful while keeping them active and engaged in their communities.

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Bike Skills and Knowledge Clinics

Through partnerships with local schools and organizations we will provide education on bike transportation and safety. The goal is to make cycling, as a whole, more accessible and safe for the next generation. With cycling on the rise in urban areas there is a need to educate children on the laws and proper practices involved in doing so. We will be educating them on personal safety such as helmets, pads, and proper bike maintenance, and also on the laws of the road when cycling; proper turning, signaling, looking for traffic. We will also be working with schools to ensure that the children will have a safe and secure way to store their bikes. Outside of transportation education we will also be using the local parks to teach kids bike related skills. Whether it’s on the mountain bike trails or at the local skateparks, teaching new skills and building a strong cycling community is very
important to us.

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Park Revitalization

Riding Forward will be instrumental in the progress of developing local parks into safe havens where kids and their communities will have the opportunity to develop their bike skills and knowledge. The program directors at Riding Forward have years of experience working with City, County, and State officials to ensure the rehabilitation of unsafe parks and the implementation of wheeled sport activities into currently successful parks. This is a pivotal sector of our plan as it gives the kids an opportunity to hone their skills and develop a passion for cycling.

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